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From the humble beginning of owning a small grocery shop we have managed to build the empire. It dates back to the 90’s with small capital that I raised by working in hawker as a shop keeper for many years, and one year I decided to leave the job and the owner paid me the money I worked for. So I embarked my own journey to entrepreneurship using the salary to start my own small shop. After trading for money years I managed to expand the hawker to a bigger shop selling agriculture produces which I used to get from remote areas. This business gave me a good profit which I managed to buy my first vehicle that I used when going to order crops for sale in my shop. The profits increased since transports costs had reduced by using my own vehicle and later I managed to buy a maize mill which I built it next to my shop so that I was getting maize in the villages and started producing maize flour thereby doubling the profits.

From that small shop we have managed to build a robust transport business of 20+buses and trucks that we here today being proud of our brand ULEMU. Though we were heavily hit by the Covid-19 when our operations were halted due to rock downs we have managed to recover our business. We really appreciate the support that our customers and different stakeholders give us. Moving on into the future we have aligned many plans to serve our customers better in an innovative ways and partnering with different stakeholders to take ULEMU COACHES TO ANOTHER level. “sky is not the limit” Felix Yembekezani

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Mission & Vision Statements

Our Mission & Vision

MISSION STATEMENT: To provide tansport service with exceptional customer care and top quality service with an aim o satisfying the needs of the public profitably and sustainably.
VISION STATEMENT: To be number one passengers choice in Malawi and Internationally in transport and courier service. We have earned your trust to a point where you have trusted Ulemu Buses, We thank you for for trusting us and for the years to come, we will always serve you with Excellency.